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About Us

Los Angeles Art League is an art and design portfolio school with various distinguished and proficient teachers. Our school offers a wide variety of curriculum adjusted with the demanding prerequisites of the numerous art colleges. Every year, we received outstanding results with 100% acceptances into countless top art schools, universities, ivy leagues. Scholarships are endowed as well for our students. We are fully confident that each student has the opportunity to grow and develop with our school and get into the art institutions of their choice.

We also offer Junior Young Art courses in which we provide an opportunity for a new beginning for the student’s career in the arts. The basic foundations and fundamentals are laid out for each student and integrated into their curriculum, starting from a young age, in order to nurture them into not only an exceptional art student but also as a superb individual.

We hope to help share and communicate your story together through art to help to begin your new life with that full of excitement and passion. Become a part of our family here at the Los Angeles Art League and begin your new journey with us today!