Interview Tips


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Congratulations on making it this far- you’ve been selected in an interview process during your application cycle.  In other words, your application has passed the initial review. 

While it may seem like a nerve-wrecking process, use this time as an opportunity to introduce yourself to the admissions council.  If your school requests an interview as part of their admissions cycle, it likely means they’re selective in who they allow into their campus.  They want to know you comprehensively as a person- and not just a generated GPA.

 As your application is being reviewed with other applications across the nation, this part of the application process is the final determinant.  It is essential that you be prepared.

At the Los Angeles Art League, we aim to prepare our students through each step of the application process- from generating the artist statement, creating the foundation of the art pieces, preparing the portfolio, ensuring that the contents of the application are fully ready for review, and even the details such as interview prep.


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So, how to prepare for an interview?

Let’s first start with preparing for an in person interview.  We’ll cover everything from dress code to the handshake.


 When dressing for the interview, dress in business attire.

That means suit, tie, dress shirt, dress shoes for males and suit (pencil skirt below knee length if skirt), dress shirt, dress shoes (no stilettos) for the females.

Hair should be kemp. Brush your hair please.  For the ladies, tie or clip hair so face can be clearly seen.

Prepare resume/curriculum vitae in a portfolio case. Details matter.  Print out resume and CV on resume stationary paper.

Prepare questions to answer in advance.  Some common questions include:

Why are you applying for program?  Who are your influences?  What will you do with the degree?

During the Interview:

1.     The interview starts as soon as you enter the room. Make sure to have good posture and smile.  Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before the appointment.

2.     Make sure to have firm handshake with your interviewers.

3.     When answering the interview questions, answer confidently.  Maintain eye contact.  It is okay to pause in between answers.

Following the interview:

Follow through with a thank you email with recall of what was mentioned during the interview.  It allows your admissions committee to have a good impression as you seem invested.

Tips for Skype Interview

If your university admissions request an online/Skype interview, prepare as you would with an in person interview.

However, there are a few more steps to be included for the preparation.


Make sure the internet connection is secure.  Test out the Skype/Google Chat/ GoToMeeting, etc that the admissions person sent a day in advance.  Make sure computer is compatible.  Test the microphone.

Find a location for the interview to take place.  Well-lit area with walls and background that won’t distract from your interview.

Make sure you have good posture and look directly into the screen (treat the interview as you would in an in person interview).

When preparing for the interview, make sure to practice practice practice!

If you have any questions during this process feel free to contact us (213) 232-1143  We’d love to help prepare you for this part of your application. We’ll help with planning the answers for the interview questions, doing mock interviews with constructive feedback.