Ceramics Class



Students will learn traditional coil building methods, pinch pot methods, and slab building methods. Using the pinch pot method students will make a turtle and use the pinch pot method to create the shell of the turtle. When it is complete it will be a sculpture of a turtle that has a secret hiding compartment!

 Using traditional coil building methods, students will build a tall wide vase that will be carved in the next class. Students will roll out 5 slabs of clay and then carve out the silhouette of a city-scape. It becomes a personal little storage box.


Wheel throwing course

 Students will learn the throwing process, and be able to make a cup, bowl and vase by the end of the class. Students will learn how to wedge clay, center their clay on the wheel and how to pull walls into various forms.

Handbuilding course: Students will take the sculptures they have created and learn traditional carving techniques to add detail and decorate their pieces.

 Wheel throwing course: Students will learn how to trim their pieces on the wheel and clean the bottoms of their pieces up.

Students from both classes will learn how to apply underglaze to their work before the final firing!