Fashion Design Class for Teens

Fashion Class

Students get to learn the basics of sketching and rendering a fashion drawing. 

Students learn to draw the fashion figure.

While taking the class, students will learn what a fashion designer does! Students will also learn how do fashion designers and fashion companies research and create new moods and looks for each season.


Design your own collection!

Concept and design of 3-5 piece collection based around a theme and inspiration to be decided by each student. At the end of class, the student will present their work to the rest of the class. 


Fashion Sewing and Patternmaking

 Sewing 101

Learn the basics of a sewing machine and sewing tools. 

Learn how to sew simple shapes. 


Design and Create

Design your own soft toy/stuffed animal. 

Learn how to create your own pattern. 

Cut, sew, and stuff the soft toy/stuffed animal. 

Learn to attach decorative elements to the item by hand, and hand-finish the toy. 

Learn basic embroidery to sew decorative features onto the toy.