We hope to help share and communicate your story together through art to help to begin your new life with that full of excitement and passion. Become a part of our family here at the Los Angeles Art League and begin your new journey with us today !


Distinguished and Experienced Teachers

Acclaimed Formal College Curriculum / Detailed and Thorough Explanation and Assistance with Each particular Art Major / Comprehensive Preparation for Major of Student’s Choice


Art & Design Portfolio School

Art and Design Portfolio School / 100% Acceptance into Art Institutions, University and Ivy League / Numerous Acceptance with Art Scholarships/ Art High School Entrance Preparation / Gifted and Talented Program, GATE Preparation / Contest Preparation / AP Art / Junior Young Art / Continuing Education, College and Adult Art Class

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Artist Statement and Essay Writing Assistance for College Admissions

Support Academic who need Supplementary Art Skills and Portfolio for College Admissions / Academic Studies Tutoring / Creative Projects


Extensive Preparation with Art Careers

Comfortable environment remodeled / 3500sq. ft. Spacious Art Studio



Fine Art / Drawing / Painting / Life Drawing / Digital Art / Entertainment Design / Viscom / Concept Design / Animation / Graphic Design / Illustration / Fashion / Ceramics / Pottery / Sculpture / Printmaking / Architecture / Interior Design / Environment Design / Product Design / Photography / Film / Art History / and many more