12 week long summer program that teaches student to express themselves through drawing, painting, and mixed media. Each day includes fun activities with creative studio projects and learning from educators and artists! Snack break included! 

Program Dates: June 3rd, 2019-August 24, 2019 / Monday-Saturday

Program Length:  12 weeks (Full Session or Weekly Session) 

Full-Day (10:00am-4:00pm) or (1:00pm-7:00pm) or (10am-7pm)                                                       Half-Day (10:00am-1:00pm) (1:00pm-4:00pm) (4:00pm-7:00pm) Individual Art Classes (10:00am-7:00pm, 1class length is 2hours)

Program Category: Portfolio Intensive Art Camp/ Teens Art Camp/ Kids Art Camp                                                

Age Range: Students currently enrolled in grades 9th-12th & College Course/ 6th-8th/  3rd-5th/ K-2rd        

Tuition: Prices may vary depending on student enrolled in (2hours/3hour/6hour/9hour, 1week~12weeks)             


Los Angeles Art League has a specialized department in its school run by the school’s very own teachers designed to ensure that art school applicants will know the basics of art ingrained as part of their portfolio and create a portfolio that they can carry on with them to art universities and well into their career. Most art colleges require a portfolio consisting of anywhere from 15–20 examples of your best and most recent work reflecting mastery of technique and creative ideas with various mediums with additional academic transcripts. Register Now for Intensive Art Camp and Be Portfolio Ready!


Los Angeles Art League is an art school that offers an array of art classes to each of its students. This year the school created an art camp with a 10 day package where students in their teens can learn photography, ceramics, digital arts, painting, fashion, and jewelry making. The students will learn the different settings of photography and utilize digital camera to learn about lighting and shutter speed. In ceramics class, the students will learn how to throw clay, use pinching and folding techniques to make vessels, learn how to sew and embroider, learn how to do figure drawings, and also jewelry making. The two week middle school art camp is perfect for students who want to learn about the various classes offered in art.


Los Angeles Art League has its own kids department in the corner studio where students will do art from 9 am-12 pm. Under the guidance of our very own teachers, the students learn how to sew, paint, do color theory, draw, embroider, do screen printing, and craftwork. The students follow curricula set by the teachers where they learn these skillset and also learn to express their creativity. Although the students here are from kindergarten to elementary school, they still are expected to learn the same standards as that of the rest of the school.


Students wanting to go more in depth with a particular art skill can take this program to really focus on their craft. Great for students who want to improve in a craft they enjoy most learning.

  • Drawing with Life : Students will spend time drawing the basic forms from a still life and cast a set up using direct lighting to help you render a form accurately. This is a great class on fundamental drawing skills and to sharpen your observational skills so that you can create, beautiful drawings in charcoal and graphite.

  • Painting with Traditional Mediums : Take a colorful approach to acrylic and oil painting. Students will explore the medium while focusing on color and how to express an emotional response for the audience. Through theory, contrast exercises, and observation, students will learn how to mix and math colors and utilize color schemes to express themselves in individual or collaborative projects.

  • Ceramic and Clay : Children will learn the basic methods of sculpting - coiling, pinching, building with slabs, and using the wheel as well. The students will walk out of the class with their own bowls, mugs, containers , and sculptural art pieces.

  • Introduction to Digital Painting : Student will take this introductory course to help transition students to the digital medium. Students will familiarize themselves with Photoshop and the tools most commonly used in everyday design workflow. Strongly reccomend for students who want to improve their painting and expand their digital tool set.

  • Fashion Design : Students will learn the creation process of clothing manufacturing including ready-to-wear, womenswear, menswear, and costume design. Students will learn various techniques from sewing to sketching for the runway.

  • Art and Crafts : Student will learn the basic methods of creating forms and shape. using all different kinds of materials such as foam core, paper, and wood.

  • Elective Major Classes : Architecture, Interior Design, Environment Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Entertainment Design, Concept Design, Animation, Character Design, Photography, Film . .

  • And Many More